Thursday, 18 January 2018

Where to Find the Best Exercise Machines for Sale

Getting in shape through an exercise routine will not only help you in losing weight, but will also improve your physical fitness level, muscle strength as well as endurance. There are various different types of equipment that are available for using in a workout. These equipment or machines target on specific muscle groups and, when these are combined, they will help you to improve your total body fitness.

A few years back if an individual needed to have access to a huge range of fitness machines then they would have to join a gym which would have had an expensive membership fees. In the world of today, ecommerce has allowed the users to shop for exercise equipment from the comfort of their homes, and work out privately along with family members.

With the growing trend of home-gyms, many online retailers are selling some of the best quality equipment that people are unlikely to find in brick and mortar stores. There are some websites that sell the machines for discounted prices online.

In order to locate a good website to purchase from, first of all, check the variety of equipment they offer. The greater the variety, the better established the seller is. Offers like first-purchase discounts, end-of-season sales, celebration discounts, etc. also matter when purchasing expensive equipment. Check to see whether or not your online retailer is offering these.

Another important factor you can check to find the best retailer online is the delivery time. You don’t want it to be taking weeks upon weeks to arrive. Seven to ten working days is pretty understandable, but any later than that makes no sense.

Keep the above points in mind to find the best exercise machines for sale online.

Common Things One Should Know About Pull Up Bar

Exercise is necessary for everyone irrespective of one’s age. But not everyone is able to hit the gym. That doesn’t mean that they cannot workout. They can practice an exercise routine in their homes, and the best addition to the routine are pull-ups as they help in strength and mass building exercises, which are convenient to use, affordable and keeps us on track. For this you are going to need a pull up bar. But before buying one, you should know the basic facts and information about pull up bars:
Pull-up bars can be mounted in various ways, wiz:

• Doorway, 
• Wall, 
• Ceiling, 
•Joist mounts.

When choosing the mounting style, you have to consider your location, portability and weight limits. Nowadays, pull up bars showcasing innovative designs and multipurpose-use features are available in the market.

Apart from this, one should also know the different types of pull up bars and chose the one that suits them the best. The type of pull up bar usually depends on way it is mounted. The various kinds of pull up bars are:

• Wall mounted pull up bars
• Ceiling mounted pull up bars
• Doorway mounted pull up bars
• Joist mounted pull up bars
• Chin pull up bars
• Pull up dip bar
• Perfect pull up brand
• Free standing pull up bar
• Iron gym pull up bar

Pull up bars are great piece of equipment available for exercising. It will help you to move every single muscle in your body. If you own a pull up bar, you own everything you need for an epic workout.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Safety Tips to Use the Weight-Lifting Belt

The weight-lifting belt can be extremely helpful workout accessory, but not when used incorrectly. It helps with posture and prevents injury during a workout when applied properly, but it can also cause injury when misused. 

For example, some people put on a weight-lifting belt even when they are not lifting weights—and this can compromise their posture. The weight-lifting belt should only be used when carrying a particularly heavy load. It is not to be used all the time during weight-lifting, but only as an assist when carrying a load that is especially substantial. Many people put it on during light weight-lifting or even during sit ups—which is counter-productive and can actually do more harm than good. 

Here are some other safety tips when using a weight-lifting belt:

• Do not push your stomach out when lifting. Doing so may cause spinal flexion which can damage the spine in the long run.

• Make sure the belt is around your abdomen and not around your hips.

• Remember: Not too tight, and not too loose. If it is too tight, it could cut off your blood circulation, which when added with a strenuous exercise routine can cause serious medical problems. A belt that is too tight can also prevent proper flexing and contraction of the abdomen. On the other hand, if it is too loose, then it becomes counter-productive. A good way to put it on would be to take a deep breath, as one would right before a heavy lift, and secure the belt as you are holding your breath.

• Take note of the material. Use belts that are made with leather (and with a width of three to four inches) rather than nylon. It may take some time to get used to but it lasts longer and is more proper for weight-lifting than nylon.

Why Assault Air Bike is Useful for Exercising in the Gym

What do you get when you put together a team of fitness engineers, gym owners, physical therapists and gym trainers? You get the Assault Air Bike, which is the NFL of fan bikes. Coincidentally, it is used by the NFL, NBA and the NHL to train their athletes.

Despite its athletic and celebrity clientele, the Assault Air Bike is available for anyone who wants a decent workout. This machine that can provide nearly unlimited workouts with individualized adjustments and multiple options. While most equipment can only provide one to three options (easy, medium, and hard), the Assault Air Bike is programmed with eight workout options and infinite adjustments to make your gym session as customized as possible. Whether you want a short but high-intensity workout or a long and slow endurance burn, you can get it from the Assault Air Bike.

Aside from its crisp LCD and high tech on-board features, the Assault Air Bike is also built to handle virtually anything. The frame is made of high-tensile steel and is sealed with a coat of industrial powder paint. The unlimited resistance and power of the machine comes from its 27-inch steel fan that hikes up the resistance automatically as you further push, pull or pedal your way through. While it banks on its durability and fuss-free parts that are engineered to be long-lasting, it does not skimp on comfort. The seats are adjustable, sweat-proof, and anatomically designed so you can focus more on your workout—not on the uncomfortable seat.

There are many imitations of the Assault Air Bike in the market. These duplicates may look exactly like the original but do not have the same features and are not made of the same durable materials, so be careful. Make sure you buy from an authorized dealer to get the original product.

Where to Find the Best Gym Equipment Suppliers in South Africa

Have you decided to build your own gym? Hiring the best gym equipment supplier in South Africa can make the entire process easier, as they can help design the layout of your gym space and supply your gym equipment, too. They can even provide 3D floorplans for free. Top gym equipment suppliers in South Africa have in-house designers that can assist you in spacing your equipment for maximum but reasonable capacity. They can even help you decide on the best color schemes for your gym.

A good equipment supplier can likewise offer everything you could possibly need for a successful gym, including strength, weight-lifting, heavy-duty cardio, and commercial gym equipment. They also have a complete array of gym accessories. And because they have been operating for years, they have established relationships with the top brands in gym equipment and can give you the lowest prices possible. They can even offer expert advice on what you may need and where you can but back on.

If you need shipping or prefer a specific courier to make the delivery, they can offer many options and can deliver anywhere within South Africa. For a small additional fee, they can also deliver to remote places such as game reserves. There is no need to pick up the equipment yourself, although if you prefer to do so, you can.

If you are wary of the delivery fee and how much it could cost, the best gym equipment supplier in the country has an online shipping calculator on their website and you can find out the price of the delivery within seconds. Just input your street name and zip code, then you are good to go. Warranty is also included for most equipment. But even when the warranty period is over, they can still provide repair and other services for a reasonable price.

Benefits of Using a Cardio Rowing Machine

Different types of exercises appeal to different people. If you don’t like the strain of high-impact exercises such as running or weight-lifting, don’t worry—there is an exercise that is low-impact but highly effective, and that is rowing. Just how effective is it? Well, rowing burns twice the amount of calories lost in spinning. That’s righty—you can burn up to 800 calories in an hour of rowing. And no, you don’t have to do it in the water because you can row at home with the use of a rowing machine. The latest rowing machines mimic the resistance of real-life water, plus it they are adjustable to suit the level of of the user, from beginner to moderate.

Rowing exercises almost all major muscle groups. It also works out the cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory and immune system.  This is because the resistance from a cardio rowing machine comes from both directions, just like rowing in water does. Best of all, almost anyone can safely use a rowing machine since it is easy on the joints such as the knees, ankles, elbows, and hips. Rowing also increases endurance and lowers the risk of injury by increasing strength in all the major muscles. While it seems like mostly an upper body workout, rowing actually targets the lower body (the legs and the core) just as much as it targets the arms and shoulders.

If you are exercising to burn fat, then there is no better work out than rowing. It burns more calories than most workouts, and with a rowing machine, you do not even have to leave your house. As long as you have the proper form and make use of the machine safely and correctly, then you can burn serious calories in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Cardio Equipment and Their Major Applications

Cardio workouts are not only designed to improve muscular and aerobic endurance. Many of these exercise routines are also useful for those trying to bulk up, shed calories, cut fat, and make abs more pronounced. Below are tried and true cardio machines that help burn calories and boost overall performance in the gym:

Arc Trainers – The arc trainer is a resisted, non-impact cardio device that delivers multiple incline levels (21 in a standard machine) and features wireless heart rate monitoring. More advanced models even have built-in power work-outs, cardio exercises, and weight loss routines. Whether you like gliding at low-incline levels, striding mid-rage, or power climbing, arc trainers help burn major calories and improve athleticism.

Indoor Rowers – An indoor rower is a good machine for elevating heart rate, burning fat, and building muscle. Indoor rowers are also preferred by home gym enthusiasts because of their compact configuration. This machine is designed to help strengthen glutes, work hamstrings, and other important muscle groups like your quadriceps and calves, all while shedding unwanted pounds.

Jacob’s Ladder – Another quintessential cardio machine, Jacob’s ladder places users at a 40-degree angle. This reduces lower back stress while climbing. The optimal position also enables full range of motion as you increase rung speed. Variable speeds give you full control of the intensity of the workout. Jacob’s ladder is a good machine for burning calories and increasing heartrate. 

Stationary bike/spinner – Stationary bikes and spinners have magnetic/hydraulic resistant systems to simulate real biking experience most models come with backlit computer screens that show useful metrics like rpms and watts, which help track fitness. Some more advanced machines even allow variable handlebar positions and seat adjustment so you can tailor workout position to your liking and create different difficulties for maximum cardio and muscle toning effects. Spinners are among the greatest cardio equipment you will find in any gym center or home gym.